Electromagnetic compatibility tests are aimed at assessing the electromagnetic disturbances generated by electrical and electronic equipment, emissions, as well as any malfunctioning, caused by disturbances in the environment or generated by other sources of interference (immunity), in order to maximize safety of electrical systems. Compliance with Directive 2014/30/EU is a mandatory requirement in Europe for CE marking.

Our staff are able to carry out all required tests and provide fast customer support while minimizing product marketing times in full compliance with the requirements laid down by the directive.

Compliance with these requirements makes it possible to market products in Europe and in most countries around the world. The electromagnetic compatibility directive covers: equipment, plants, fixed plants and installations containing electrical and electronic equipment and components (also mounted on machines).

The new directive does not change the contents of the obligations for manufacturers and representatives.

Under this directive MTIC InterCert can carry out the activities and tests required to verify compliance with the essential health and safety requirements and therefore of the harmonized standards by the manufacturers, enabling them to apply the CE marking.

MTIC InterCert has all of the instruments and qualifications needed to carry out low voltage tests on different products:

– Medical devices

– Toys

– Machines

– Fire alarm systems

– Light chains

– Small household appliances

– Beauty equipment