Laboratory authorized to carry out fire reaction tests: safety requirement also in the field of fire resistance. Fire reaction laboratory EN 13501-1

The fire safety laboratory is equipped with the devices required to classify the materials according to UNI EN 13501-1, essential for CE marking of many products for which safety requirement 2 of Regulation 305/2011/EC applies to building products.

The new fire reaction laboratory sector is composed of the following devices:

– Oven UNI EN ISO 1182 for non-combustibility test

– Oxygen bomb calorimeter UNI EN ISO 1716

– Radiating panel for floorings UNI EN ISO 9239

– Injection chamber UNI EN ISO 11925-2

– SBI Chamber UNI EN 13823.

The devices for classifying products not covered by Regulation 305/2011/EC are still valid, subject to Italian homologation according to Min.Dec. Dated 26/06/1986 and 03/09/2001. Thanks to these features MTIC InterCert is one of the best equipped bodies in Europe and allows it to look to the future by supplying the best service to companies that have to address issues related to certification and affirmation of products on international markets with increasingly complex rules.

Laboratory authorized to carry out fire tests: Fire reaction Italian Min. Decree 26/6/84 The fire reaction tests check chemical, physical and toxicological characteristics of combustion products and of passive safety against fire.

The work of the laboratory, one of the first in Italy to be authorized by the Ministry of Interiors, allows certification to be issued in the fire reaction industry.

Products concerned: curtains, wall covering, carpeting, upholstered furniture, wooden panels, plastic, paints, etc.