Personal protective equipment, according to Italian Legislative Decree no. 475/92, on transposition of the directive, is classified into 3 categories:

  • category I PPE is classified as being all those devices or appliances with a simple design, intended to protect the wearer against slight risks
  • category III PPE is classified as being all those devices or appliances of complex design intended to protect the user against the risk of death or serious and permanent injury
  • category II PPE is classified as being all those devices or appliances not classified in the other two categories.

A manufacturer or his representative residing in the European Community shall, before proceeding with the production of a category II or III PPE, apply for the issue of a CE certificate to an Authorized Control Body.
The CE certificate is the deed with which the Authorized Control Body certifies that a PPE model has been manufactured in conformity with the provisions and therefore complies with the essential health and safety requirements of Annex II of the directive.
Category III PPE shall also be subjected to production monitoring by an Authorized Control Body in accordance with the criteria laid down in Article 11 of the directive.
The CE conformity and production monitoring certification procedures are carried out by bodies authorized by the relevant Ministry and notified to the European Community considered to be in possession of the minimum requirements set out in the directive.